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Lone Wolf Entertainment

Stand-Up Cinema

Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark

Wauwatosa, WI -- June 19 and 20.  Join us at the Times Cinema for the premiere of Stand-Up Cinema!  This is a cinematic experience unlike anything in the history of ever.  We take your favorite movies and show them to you in a way they were never meant to be seen.  Ryan Lowe has assembled a team of the very best stand-up and improv comedians and given them complete license to "enhance" a classic movie that was perfectly fine to begin with.


 Expect the unexpected as we provide live commentary during the film, replace movie scenes with live-action substitutes, and even insert pre-taped segments into the film, itself!  There will be contests, special guests, audience participation and more.  Stand-Up Cinema is a completely unprecedented movie viewing experience.  See you there!

This month is everybody's favorite, Back to the Future. 

Tickets are available at:


 5906 W. Vliet St.